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Jeni’s Sundae Boards

Jeni Britton Bauer’s favorite no-fail, always impressive dessert (with almost no fuss) is the sundae board. Think of it like a cheese board that swaps the brie and gouda for ice cream and buttermilk frozen yogurt. Subs cookies for crackers. Keeps the nuts and jam. And maybe we throw in some hot fudge or caramel sauce. That’s the beauty of a sundae board—it’s 100% customizable! Scroll 👇 to see our favorites combinations.

Build your own sundae collection

Want to create a Sundae Board? This collection is a great place to start—three ice creams, two sauces and nuts equal dozens of ways to create incredible sundaes at home.

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For the kids (or kids at heart), we picked flavors proven to impress any young ice cream aficionado: Wildberry Lavender, Darkest Chocolate, and Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks. Arrange the board with marshmallows, brightly-colored macarons, gooey sauces, and bowls of sprinkles—then let the creativity ensue!

How to build


This version is way easier than compiling a cheese board and will sate any sweet tooth. (Pro tip: Leave ice cream scoopers in the drawer and use cheese spreaders instead.) We like to complement a few of our classic flavors—like Salty Caramel—with mixed nuts, figs, palmiers, and fancy chocolate.

How to build

Movie Nite

It’s time to invite over the neighbors, cue up that rom-com or action flick you’ve been meaning to watch, and throw a sundae board on the coffee table.

How to build

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In this version, we’ve stuck to the fruit theme with our tart and creamy buttermilk frozen yogurts. We also suggest adding a pint of Sweet Cream, which is like frozen whipped cream.

How to build

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